Get involved ...

… on your doorstep, in your neighbourhood, in the city. This summer we will find out what you define as good life in Mülheim! We want to make your ideas, your topics, your wishes visible all summer long – versatile, colourful and creative.

Get involved, we are waiting for you!

What is a good life in Mülheim?

A good life can be as versatile as you are: You define the good life! You determine what good life in Mülheim means and how it should develop. And that’s exactly how we create a „Sommer des guten Lebens“ – right on your doorstep.

Because we are sure: the good life is there to be shared. Let’s take responsibility for a healthy, diverse and liveable city. Anyone who lives, works or is involved in Mülheim can join in – individually, in communities or with an association. Together we have the power to change our neighbourhood.

Okay, Corona ... the summer of the good life!

We have been living with Corona for more than a year now – anonymity and loneliness are increasing, economic worries and personal fears are omnipresent. We want to look ahead: How do you want to live in the future? What should your city, your neighbourhood look like? What are your needs?

In 2021, we will ask these questions for an entire summer – and find answers together with you. Over a period of two months, we plan to organise a wide variety of Corona-compliant actions, events, demos, street festivals and workshops – digitally and (hopefully soon) in real life!

The team is you (and us)!

Mülheim is colourful, committed and versatile – you are the team! The „Sommer des guten Lebens“ will voice your concerns, wishes and visions for the future.

Our part in it is that we offer a platform where you can make your voice heard, network and campaign for a liveable Mülheim. In workshops and networking meetings we give you tools and knowledge to help you realise your ideas.

In short: we connect, ally and organise – so that in the end you can realise your ideas of a good life!

Participate? Yes, and how?

Come to one of our next meetings (see dates on the right) or apply for one of the jobs in the organising team (see below)!

Soon you will be able to enter your ideas for the „Sommer des guten Lebens“ in a portal right here.

Until then: Sign up for the Mülheim newsletter! 😉

Wir suchen…

... noch Mitstreiter:innen für Logistik, Veedelsarbeit und als Praktikum.

Schaut auf die Agora Koeln-Webseite und bewerbt Euch :)

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